NABH Certification

Gangamai Hospital is the first private multi specialty hospital
in Solapur to have received full NABH Accreditation

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Department of Critical Care

The critical care team at Gangamai Hospital provides comprehensive care for various critical care problems. Gangamai hospital is a tertiary care centre where complex trauma and accident cases are referred from in and around Solapur.

The Intensive care unit at Gangamai hospital is well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, instruments, monitoring systems and has the following units:

  • ICU I
  • ICU II

Gangamai Hospital, Solapur Intensive Care Unit is one of the largest providers of Intensive care service in this region, delivering high-class and 24-hour intensive care services.

The department of critical care is staffed by a team of qualified specialists in Critical Care. A qualified specialist is available onsite round the clock. The team is supported by an efficient team of dedicated and trained nurses. A lot of emphasis is placed on training of the support teams regarding response to emergencies, standardizing care through clinical pathways, protocols and in the identification of ethical and economic issues pertaining to critical care. A Rapid Action Team is in place for a timely and appropriate response to any medical or other emergencies that may occur in or outside the hospital.

The center has a nurse to patient ratio of 1:2 for critical patients and 1 :4 for stable patients.


  • Fully equipped ICUs (2)
  • Fully equipped triage & casualty
  • Ventilators with advanced modes
  • Advanced invasive monitors, syringe pumps
  • Alpha excel Pneumatic beds, DVT compression devices(TEDDS)
  • Defibrillators
  • Bed side ECHO, USG, CxR
  • Invasive monitoring (Arterial, CVP, PA)
  • Point of care ABG ( Arterial Blood Gas)
  • Advanced radiology
  • Advanced pathology & microbiology lab
  • Surgery

Services Offered

  • Trauma: Polytrauma, Head injury, chest & abdominal injuries
  • Brain Surgery: Brain Tumours, Vascular lesion in Brain, Trigeminall neuralgia, endoscopic brain Surgery
  • CNS: Stroke, Seizures, CNS infections
  • Spine Surgery: Spine Trauma & Tumours, Micro LUMBAR Discectomy, Endoscope Discectomy, minimally invasive spine surgery(Medtronic system), All advanced spine instrumentation
  • Respiratory: Pneumonia, Respiratory Failure, ARDS, COPD, Asthma
  • Abdomen: Liver Failure, Intra abdominal sepsis, GI Bleed, Pancreatitis
  • Renal: Acute Kidney injury, Renal Failure
  • Infection: Serious infections, Malaria, Dengue, Leptospirosis
  • Multi Organ Failure, Septic shock, DIC
  • Poisoning: All kind of poisoning, snake bites

Gangamai Hospital for critical care medicine believes in establishing a working partnership with other healthcare facilities in the surrounding areas. Any patient admitted in other hospitals needing advanced level  3-care can be referred to the center exclusively for those services. The hospital offers excellent retrieval system to facilitate such transfer. The care of the patient after discharge from hospital will be handed back to the referring physician.