NABH Certification

Gangamai Hospital is the first private multi specialty hospital
in Solapur to have received full NABH Accreditation

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At the time of discharge, a final bill is generated by the billing department. The final bill is made only after all the discharge formalities are completed. You may find differences in the final bill and estimate bill. This is due to the fact that certain charges will be levied depending on patient requirement and shown in the final bill only.

There will be a time lag between your consultant informing you about discharge and the billing section preparing the final bill. For each patient it may vary from 3-4 hrs.

MRI, CT scan, X-Ray reports and diet chart will be handed over to you provided it is not an MIC case and all the bills are paid in full

At the time of discharge, please handover the checkout slip to the hospital security.

[Deposit Amount, Hospital charges and the above rules are always subject to change.]