NABH Certification

Gangamai Hospital is the first private multi specialty hospital
in Solapur to have received full NABH Accreditation

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Department of General Medicine

Gangamai Hospital's general medicine department is the most state-of-the-art care always available here. We ensure that our patients have access to the most highly trained doctors, the most advanced technology and the most effective treatments, at all times. We have the latest technology here. We use the advanced treatments. Any procedure that is available at any of the top medical centres in the country is also being available here.

This division has a long-standing tradition of excellence in patient care and education.

The division's clinical activities focus on delivering high-quality and comprehensive care for the prevention of diseases, the management of chronic disorders, and the treatment of hospitalized patients. The division is extensively involved in continuous quality improvement efforts.

Clinical services

Department of General Medicine practice provides primary care to patients. Physicians provide preventive health services and health counselling in addition to the treatment of acute and chronic diseases.