NABH Certification

Gangamai Hospital is the first private multi specialty hospital
in Solapur to have received full NABH Accreditation

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Department of Physiotherapy

The Physiotherapy team at Gangamai Hospital provides comprehensive care for various physiotherapy problems. Gangamai hospital is a tertiary care centre where complex trauma and accident cases are referred from in and around Solapur.

At Gangamai Hospital we offer treatment in various fields like orthopaedic, neurological, cardio-pulmonary, rehabilitation, and pain management.

We are the best and largest physiotherapy and rehab centre in Solapur.

Our Mission

  • To relieve pain and to restore normal body function for every age group.
  • To provide rehabilitation through awareness and learning.
  • To provide holistic treatment to our patient.
  • To provide cost effective treatment.

Our Facilities

  • Orthopaedics Rehabilitation
  • Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Therapeutic Yoga
  • Pre And Post Natal Care
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Paediatrics rehabilitation
  • Ergonomic care
  • Back , Knee and Shoulder clubs
  • Care for Senior Citizen

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a health care profession directed toward relieving pain, promoting healing, improving and restoring function, and preventing disability. A thorough knowledge of human development, structure, function, and movement provides the foundation for the practice of contemporary physical therapy. Physical therapists evaluate patients of all ages with neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and respiratory disabilities. They develop and implement treatment plans that are specifically designed to restore each patient's function. Historically, physical therapy took its name from the clinical use of physical agents such as heat, cold, light, sound, and electrical stimulation.

Physiotheraphy Procedures and Treatment

  • Orthopaedic Physiotherapy: - Physiotherapist's work along with the team of Orthopaedic surgeons for complete recovery and rehabilitation of the patient. The Physiotherapist aims at relieving pain, promoting mobility and improving the strength of muscles and joints that are affected by a particular condition or following surgery. The Physiotherapists treats the patient with exercises to improve joint mobility, muscle strength, train the use of adequate walking aids and gait re-education to promote Independency of the patient.
  • Neurological Physiotherapy:- The basic principle of Neuro-development in humans is "LEARNING". Understanding this learning process of Sensory and Motor development by the nervous system, physiotherapists treat the patients with Neurological injury by Re-Learning various sensory and motor activities. Physiotherapist use the techniques of P.N.F, Muscle strengthening, Gait training, functional reduction and sensory retraining.
  • Cardio-pulmonary Physiotherapy:- The main aim of Physiotherapy in Intensive care areas is to maintain adequate Cardio Vascular function and Bronchial Hygiene for normal and mechanically ventilated patients. Physiotherapists make the patients do general mobility exercises, different types of breathing exercises to maintain adequate Cardio Vascular & Pulmonary function
  • Hand Rehabilitation:- The hand is one of most complex & indispensable parts of the human body. The Complexity and Coordinated Function of Hand had made the complete rehabilitation of hand challenging over the ages. Understanding this, the Specialized Hand Surgeon and Physiotherapist work together in bringing the Injured Hand to as Near Normal Function as possible.
  • Pain Management:- Pain is one of the most common problem with which a patient attends a Hospital and Managing Pain has been a challenging task to all the Health care Professionals. Physiotherapist manage some of these Acute and Chronic Pain by the application of various Electrotherapeutic modalities like Ultra sound, Short Wave Diathermy, IFT, TENS, Infra Red Light.

Physiotheraphy Treatment -

Introduction and functioning:

Our body cell oscillates at frequency of 8-12Hz for better nutrition and health. This rhythmic oscillation get disturb whenever there is:

  • Pain (backache, neck pain, slip disc, sciatica )
  • Injury
  • Swelling, edema
  • Joint Stiffness , tightness, spasticity, nerve injury
  • Any other damage


  • Interferential therapy
  • Ultrasound Therapy
  • Cervical traction
  • Lumbar Traction
  • Short Wave Diathermy
  • Galvanic Stimulation
  • Faradic stimulation
  • Moist Heat
  • Cryo therapy
  • TENS
  • CPM

Manual Therapy

  • Maitland techniques
  • McKenzie techniques
  • Mulligan's mobilization techniques
  • Myo fascial release
  • Cyriax techniques
  • Butler's technique

Exercise Therapy


In this we try to retrain brain. Early the treatment, the better the prognosis. A detailed assessment and evaluation of the loss in function followed by the plan of customized treatment has been our specialty. Treatment plan includes rehabilitation, muscle re-education, maintenance of muscle and joint properties, cryotherapy, active assisted movements, gait training, postural correction and balance training to prescribe orthotic or prosthetic as per requirement.

Spinal care

All Spinal problems surgical or conservative managements by implementing advanced management skills by manipulation ultrasonic myofascial release trigger point release by TENS, and IFT.

Post surgical management by early intervention physiotherapy with support and ambulation.

Cerebral palsy

Normally this happens due to the lack of oxygen to the baby during the stay in the uterus. In other terms it is the inability of the brain to learn timely activities like rolling, sitting and standing etc.

Management of this condition includes 'teaching' the brain. The exercises taught help the brain cells to learn the functions. We train the brain to learn activities like turning, crawling, sitting and walking with and without support. The rate of prognosis depends on the severity of the damage to the brain cells. Apart from exercises, recreational therapy is also followed for these subjects.

Muscle and Joints care

Degeneration of the cartilage leads to pain, stiffness and spasm which hinder the normal activities of daily living. We handle these problems with the vast knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics. Various types of electrotherapy modalities like Ultrasound therapy, Interferential therapy, and TENS etc and Exercise techniques as Stretching, Strengthening and Manipulations Theraband exercises core muscle training etc. Our knowledge of prevention enables us to avoid further damage and preventive techniques and maintaining good health.

Physiotherapy for Sports

  • We help to develop personalized exercises protocol for every sportsman
  • Acute and chronic injury management by cryotherapy and exercises

Physiotherapy for Elderly

We run various classes for senior citizen

  • Joint care classes

Physiotherapy for Paediatric

  • After surgery
  • Cerebral palsy

Physiotherapy for ICU

  • Chest physiotherapy ( postural drainage, vibrations, percussion and suction)
  • Bed sore prevention management
  • Limb physiotherapy